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Our Services

Check below for our list of services. Please email us for fill out the contact form for a quote or more information!

Recycling Bio Bin
Garbage Truck

Weekly Pickup - Residential

We provide weekly and bi-weekly pick-up of customers in Needham, MA along with some parts of Dover and Wellesley. Email us for a quote today!

Weekly Pickup - Commercial

We provide weekly pickup to commercial businesses in Needham and Walpole. Email us for a quote today!

Garage Sale Sign
House For Sale Sign

Junk Removal

No job is too big or too small. We can pick up one couch or clean out a whole house. Check below to see what items we take!

House Cleanouts with Consignment

Perfect for people who are moving, or selling a house for a loved one who has moved on. Let us walk through your home and give you a price for a cleanout and let you know what we can consign for you to offset your cleanout costs! You take what you want and leave the rest right in place for us to come in and take away for you.

What do we take?

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